..truth that sets you free

RithM, in Sanskrit, translates to "absolute truth". This is the asset of our application framework, integrating business controls and optimizing information flow, with the aim to deliver.
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RithM, designed by the Bangalore based Verican Technologies Pvt Ltd, is a powerful next generation Enterprise Resource Planning and analytics suite that captures and updates data from machines in real time, using a propriety controller. Combined with a rules and work flow engine, it provides a platform for the transparent, efficient, collaborative and coordinated execution of day-to-day business processes, and furnishes management with real time insight.



Business Philosophy

"To provide an experience that delights our customers and is useful, usable, desirable and unique, to generate demand for our brand."





Our Services


RithM, an Enterprise Software Platform integrated with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), connects unstructured data from devices, with structured data in the business; the ERP system processes, analyses and displays all this data in real time. The IIoT enables the next gen ERP system to connect people, processes, data and things in an event driven and intelligent way to facilitate new business models and better decision making. RithM can process large amounts of data making the system increasingly scalable.


An Educational Institute Management System, with its core feature being admission and fee collection, allows institutes to seamlessly adapt to changes induced by challenges faced while managing and running institutes.

Data Migrations Services

We provide Data Migration Services when there is a change in business or technological requirements. This may also include data quality validation and cleansing according to the needs of the target system.

Bespoke Software Solutions

When faced with the complexities of real projects, the "one size fits all" approach to development fails. This lead us to conclude to build customized solutions and deliver optimal results employing a pragmatic and innovative blend of highly skilled personnel, management approaches and the finest of practices.

Our Team

The team is a group of enthusiatic individuals with an average of 20 years of experience, who have worked across the globe on cutting edge technologies, envisaging a product to ride the 3rd Industrial wave in the digital era of machine to machine communication and real time analytics

The RithM team is proficient in providing technical insight into issues, the POC development of products, prototyping new concepts and solutions, and the adept preparation of detailed technical reports. The team members have substantial knowledge of the infrastructure required for a project to take off, which includes conceptualization, designing architecture, and planning hardware and software requirements.

The RithM team has intensive experience in the field of Project Management, IT Infrastructure Management, Software Development and IT Service Management. The team's core strengths include managing turnkey projects, collating the requirement of utilities, equipment and manpower, monitoring overall project operations planning, and scheduling and budgeting with appointed goals, standards and procedures.

Innovative Solutions

To keep pace with the ever-changing IT landscape, we explore new technologies, trends and experiences to develop and improve RithM; this provides us with an increased level of confidence to apply new software engineering techniques and seek out innovative solutions for our customers.

Customer First

We recognize that satisfying customers and working towards a shared organizational purpose has multiple benefits, propelling us on a long term focus with high engagement while satisfying customers.


To ensure reliability, security, privacy, maintainability, excellent performance. We deploy continuous integration to detect bugs and performance issues before RithM hits the field, which allows us to maintain a rapid pace of introducing new features.